• Firaga44

    Mesphito-Darla only you could of made it this far i've been watching you and i'm quite impressed you really are doom's equal

    Darla-What are you babbling about?

    Mesphito-You will serve me as a demon

    Darla-*searches pocket*my star dust it's gone!

    Mesphito-Oh this

    Darla-Give it back!

    Mesphito-Come serve me as the demon queen of this land

    Darla-Not a chance!

    Mesphito-You're stubborn blackheart was right this one isn't going down easily

    Darla-*starts to walk away*

    Mesphito-You can't espace the land of fire and brimstone

    Darla-Man this battle won't be easy

    ???-Hey Darla!

    Darla-It's the X-men!

    Wolverine-Hey kid nice to see your ok

    Darla-Good to see you to and the name's Darla not kid

    Mesphito-So this what's it come to i'll destroy every last one of you!

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  • Firaga44

    Darla Rose:So you've chosen darkness i really pity you Blackheart

    Blackheart:I don't need your pity

    Darla Rose:You're gonna let darkness spread across your heart it will control you and consume you you will become as puppet of the darkness

    Blackheart:You need to shut your mouth it will never consume me not in a million years

    Darla Rose:Ok time to stop pity and make you come to your senses

    Blackheart:How to you plan to do that in your search for revenge your friends have deserted you

    Darla Rose:Shut up i can handle you on my own

    Blackheart:Then face the deep depths of the regret in your heart as you fight me

    Darla Rose:Then bring it on!

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  • Firaga44

    Darla Rose:So Doom we meet again

    Dr.Doom:It apppears so how are you parents

    Darla Rose:You you'll pay for everything you did to them!

    Dr.Doom:Revenge is a ugly thing Darla Rose

    Darla Rose:You i hate you so much!

    Wolverine:Kid Calm Down

    Darla Rose:That murder killed my parents you expect me to not take revenge!

    Dr.Doom:Someone outta teach you some respect

    Darla Rose:Bring it on!

    • Wolverines holds Darla back*

    Darla Rose:Let me go!

    Darla Rose:Let me go Wolverine!

    Wolverine:Kid focus on the mission we need the crystals or we're doomed

    Darla Rose:No he killed my parents!

    • Darla Rose rushes at Dr.Doom and they fight*
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