Human torch is a member of the Fantastic four. His main abilities are used by Fire. But he also uses Melee attacks without fire. His sister is Invisible Woman. He has a friend ship and rivalship with The Thing. Mister Fantastic is his genius to rely on. He has fusion Attacks with Invisible Woman, Deadpool, Grim reaper, Darla Rose, and The thing.

His fusion attack is with Invisible woman He puts fire into a forcefield she creates Then when there is enough fire It causes an explosion. The fusion attack with Deadpool is He light the sword on fire with him then Deadpool Keeps throwing burning swords at the human torch which blinds the enemies and Then Deadpool shoots them to death. His fusion attack with Grim reaper is Grim reaper take out some metal, The Human torch burns it and it makes an explosion. His fusion attack with the thing is, The thing picks up a Giant piece of the ground. Then human torch burns the Earth piece and Then thing throws it at enemies and It burns them to death.