Darla Rose is a character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Doom's revenge. She controls the power of the stars. Her mutant name is Celestail Ruler. At first she hated being a mutant but with the help of the X-Men she learned to live with it. She's 16 years old. She uses expolsive star dust as a weapon. She has a past with Dr.Doom he used her as a experiment and he killed her parents. She joins everyone on a quest to find him and defeat him.She has special dialouge with Dr.Doom, Blackheart, and Mesphito. She has a fusion attack with Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Wolverine. Her fusion attack with with Invisible Woman is covering a Invisble shield with stardust and pushing it against the enemy. Her fusion attack with Human Torch is covering a fire ball with enough star dust to make a big explosive fire ball bomb and makes it explode. Her fusion attack with wolverine is to cover his claws with star dust and makes them longer and stronger.